Repair Segway Battery Pack

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Repair Segway Battery Pack

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A friend will be bringing his segway battery in a few days to see if I can repair it. He said he left it discharged for a long time and now it seems totally dead. Although I've repaired lots of different battery packs from other stuff, I've never dealt with this particular one before, and any information about it would be appreciated, so I can prepare in advance to what I will see.
Specs for these batteries: 85.1V 5.8Ah
Arranged in 23 series blocks of 4 cells in parallel each. (4P23S)
Cells are 3.7V 1.45Ah 26650's
There's also a large "controller" board inside the battery case that handles "something" about the battery. (cell balance? charging current?...?)I know these batteries are protected so if they fall below a certain voltage (~2v) they get disconnected internally.Someone suggested to try to charge them directly with some DC var pwr supply at around 50-80vV and see if I can maintain a 2Ah charge rate. If it gets 50V they would supposedly start charging into the segway again.I may have to pry open the case (found some videos around) and check if any cell is destroyed in which case I will have to swap them.I have had ZERO luck finding the pinout for these battery packs, same luck finding any detail about this controller board inside.I had tried asking into the segway forums and people were like "Dude you would be dealing with DC power, you shouldn't touch that, you would have to solder/desolder stuff....etc".They don't know us heheheAnyone here has any experience on dealing with those batteries or similar packs?

Please help.

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you have to charge the Akkus to more then 57 V. Then put them on the Segway to Charge to full power. Maybe this will help.

If not, in Germany we have some who can fix the Akkus. For example: .
Don't try this on your own, if you have never open one Akku.
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