New Segway community hub website "Segway Central" is now

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New Segway community hub website "Segway Central" is now

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Hi everybody,

I just wanted to let you all know that the new Segway community hub website Segway Central is now live and ready to accept any input that you would like to submit.

Entries will continue to be added to the directories on a dily basis (I have over 400 of them to key in !) but I have also had some offers from a number of people to submit some blog articles on various subjects, so look out for those.

If you have something you would like posted on the site (including reviews or comments on dealerships or tour operators), feel free to do so, however you will need to register an account with the site first (it's FREE!).

There are sections for blogs under various categories, a glide routes listing for GPS tracks, classified ads and a stolen register with searchable database.

All entries are auto-fed to twitter (@segwaycentral if you would like to follow the site) and facebook ( ... 3054749521 - though not yet completely set up!).

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask/suggest here or via the email link on the website.

Visit the independent Segway community portal with blogs, directory listings, classified ads, forums and videos: for all things Segway, visit